Help with set up

Hello, By no means am I a programmer. We used to have one, but he’s no longer with us. To no avail, I’m willing to pay someone to help me install and configure minting and storage using infura and polygon on my pure php website script, which is extremely simple but has a development platform and tons of connections. I paid folks on Fiverr twice, and both times they left without completing the assignment, so I’m now considerably behind schedule. We can pay or you can join our launch if anyone has extra time and knowledge. It’s going to be a fascinating set-up. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Our key man in charge of setup and development was killed in a battle, or whatever they call it. What occurred was terrible, but it happened, and we will miss him. It’s a shame since he was so fantastic, but we have to move forward and finish it. You may email me at if it is ok I post this here? If not i am sorry we had someone keep me awake for 36 hours telling me he didnt want to get paid would do the work because he always helps on discord only to leave me sitting like a idiot for almost 3 days waiting. My stupidty beliving it i understand . We need help.