How can i have my file persistently?

I have added the file to IPFS using “”.
The doc says the added file is automatically pinned.

my question is that
is this guaranting that this file will always exist in IPFS forever?
is it removed from IPFS 6 months after the last access?

If the latter case is correct, should I use the “api/v0/pin/add” API if I want to keep the file persistently in IPFS no matter when that file is accessed?

Hi @kim.sehyoung

When you add some content, you add it to a specific node (or Infura), you don’t add it to IPFS the network, and thus there is no guarantee that your content remains available if you don’t make sure your node is still there with the content. You have to keep your content pinned in order to not have it removed. The IPFS 6 months after the last access doesn’t apply as of now.

After adding content with “api/v0/add”, if I do not unpin, does that mean that the content can be maintained without being deleted?

and you mean below rule is not applied now?

  • Data is currently pinned until it’s been 6 months since it was last used

Yes, the content is maintained without being deleted if you do not UNPIN and hence the rule is not applied.