How can i implement HD wallet

I have a requirement where the bal. hold in customer wallet need to transfer to some cold wallet address. So far what I know i can do this in two ways.

  1. Loop through customer address and transfer to cold wallet. This will charge me every time i do transfer

  2. Transfer the despot amount from customer wallet to admin hot wallet address and the end of the day transfer from admin hot wallet to cold wallet. Again this will charge me every time I do transfer from the customer to admin hot waller address and then to cold wallet.

Please suggest how to solve this in an efficient way?

Hi @Mobiloitte1 thanks for reaching out, this is a bit of a smart contract design question that may be better answered by the smart contract development community, we believe it may be possible to have a contract batch the transactions however we also believe you would still need to pay all of the gas fees for each transaction include in the batch. Hope this helps, the Ethereum Gitter can be a really helpful place for these types of questions.