How do I have my website interact with my tokens and smart contract

I want to have my website check to see if a user has any erc-20 or NFT 721 tokens when they visit my site. They will be using metamask (or something better?) And I would like to be able to assign specific data to be displayed depending on what tokens are present in their wallet.

Any help will be greatly appreciated! :smile: please ask if you need me to clarify or explain my question more accurately

Hi @Sensatori thanks for reaching out, I’m pinged our friends at MetaMask to get some information to point you in the right direction. A good place to start is here, and here,

Will write back once I get info from the MetaMask team.

Heard back from the MetaMask team, here’s their response,

MetaMask does not currently provide a method to query the user’s tokens, although there is an EIP for this feature.