How do I retrieve info on ERC1155 tokens in a wallet?

Is there an API that will retrieve all ERC1155 tokens in a given wallet? I used etherscan API to retrieve ERC721 tokens, but etherscan does not have anything on 1155.


Did you find anything on this topic?

Hi @zubin-madon & @Christopher and welcome to our Infura community :smiley:

At this point as you already know Etherscan is not having an API for retrieving the ERC1155 tokens.

Here at Infura, we offer access to the low-level Ethereum JSON-RPC API, which doesn’t provide a way to query for all ERC20s by address. It could though allow you to build a system like Etherscan’s on your own that does exactly what you want it to do.

You may find the following resources useful → ERC1155 - OpenZeppelin Docs &