How Does One Link Infura's Filecoin API to A Powergate Install?

I am running powergate through docker. I made my install by doing the following steps:
git clone,
cd powergate/docker
nano docker-compose.yaml
add command: ["lotus", "daemon", "--import-snapshot", ""] between line 32 and 33
make up
wait for the node to sync,
make down,
removed the line command: ["lotus", "daemon", "--import-snapshot", ""],
make up,
then wait for the last few blocks to sync.

This takes a lot of time, especially because my internet connection is really slow and downloading 30+ GBs takes sometimes more than an entire day. Also I don’t have that much disk space so syncing with the blockchain just isn’t practical for me.

I noticed that Infura claims that their Filecoin API is simply connected to a Lotus node. If the Infura API is simply that of a Lotus node, doesn’t that mean it could be connected to the powergate/lotus/ipfs docker stack that I am launching with the steps I described in the first paragraph? Does anyone have a resource on how to do this? Or any instructions on how I could connect to the API?