How lower eth_getBlockByNumber requests

Hi All,

Sorry for a newbie question here. I notices that eth_getBlockByNumber requests are always super high. Can anyone give me some hints how to investigate the cause or to lower the number of requests?

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Hi Mr. Chainblockz,

Welcome to our community site! Can you share the specific code you are using to help us understand your situation and how it is behaving a little better?


We work on a few smart contracts to create deal to connect sellers and buyers with ERC20. The logic is straightforward I suppose. On the frontend, buyers create deals, sells pay buyers with ERC20 tokens. I guess the issue is that we have a cron job to listen to ERC transfer event to know exactly when sellers make payment to buyers.

I hope I make it clearer.


Or is there any log to be enabled to see when or where eth_getBlockByNumber requests are called?

Can you DM to me the email address associated with your account? I will try to look closer at the usage, unfortunately there is no logging exposed other than the summary statistics on the dashboard.

Hmm, I could not find the way to DM you, or maybe my trust level is too low to have that feature. So I post it here. Please have a look at my account at qtheboss at

Many thanks.

How often does your cron job execute. I’ve looked at your for traffic and see a consistent daily pattern for eth_getBlockByNumber. The total number of daily requests very nearly fits within the Core Tier. Perhaps if you just run the cron job a little further apart that will work?

Actually, it is not really a cron job. We are just listening to ERC-20 Transfer event and have some logic there. And the number of ERC-20 Transfer events are just around 10 per day, I believe. So that’s very weird.

May we know exactly when eth_getBlockByNumber is called?

eth_getBlockByNumber would be called from your side, not ours. Without seeing your code, I’m not sure how else to help identify the API calls it is making.