How to charge for IPFS requests

I used IPFS apis. but I’m not sure how to charge for IPFS requests
There’s no anywhere that I can connect my project I created on infura dashboard in api commands.
Plus There’s no way to create IPFS key, not ethereum endpoint on my project page.

How can you count my request per month with IPFS requests?

Hi @hapsody. Our current IPFS offering is not affected by the request limits for the Infura+ Ethereum offering.

Then, you mean that is free yet?

Yes, currently the IPFS service is free.

That’s cool. Thanks @mike @egalano

@mike do you keep the files pinned for free as well? are there any limits?

@damland we do, there will be a transition to our premium service once that is released but for now you are good.

I’m all for free pinning forever with no limits! :sweat_smile: But I think like a few others I am building a dApp that (at least I) believe has the potential to blow up. If we start getting millions of users uploading content, we would probably prefer having assurance that

  1. The service will be reliable at that scale (even if that comes at a cost)
  2. If the service remains reliable for free, but then a fee is charged that makes NO sense in comparison to self-hosting options, then we could be stuck with a massive migration and uptime issue

@mike can you give any indication of:

  1. Your scaling confidence / theoretical limits in the current Beta mode
  2. A ballpark figure for pricing tiers and or limits - even if it is a range and certainly understood to be no firm commitment as it may be in early discussions

Hi @ahrenfullstop, and welcome to the Infura community!
As far as your questions go, we are very confident we can handle very large amounts of storage and data transfer; can you provide us with estimates on your side and we can confirm there will be no issues with that?
Once we have a better understanding of what your usage estimate is, we can chat more about ballpark pricing :slight_smile: