How To Get Refund For TheDAO Tokens Located In Multi-Sig Address?

Hello, I have TheDAO tokens stored in Ethereum multi-signature wallet: 0x2cab63e02d5b490e5f4a5d1b0d5189420ea54b2d

The two addresses that are owners of the multi-sig are (which are also my own addresses):

  1. 0xEAfa188Ac12e331B52E585eA6298F8138E23C0E6 (Contract Creator)
  2. 0x5FC3F73076D371Fa4687a0e98a59675B7F24819E

I have tried several attempts and methods to withdraw from multi-sig and claim refund, but none of them were successful after following multiple tutorials. I have checked through Etherscan’s “Validate Account Balance” feature that my tokens are available on MEW, MyCrypto, and Infura. Please inform me step-by-step how I could claim my refund and get my Ether through Infura’s services. Thank you very much.

Hi @bestradingbrokers, welcome to our community. Unfortunately we are not aware of this specific contract. In order to execute contract functions like transfer you would use our eth_call method with the encoded contract function within the parameters in the “data” field.

Hi Mike. Thank you very much for your response. But, how do I exactly use the eth_call method? And, if Etherscan’s “Validate Account Balance" shows that my tokens are available through Infura, maybe there is a way to use Infura’s API to get my refund of TheDAO tokens into Ether? Thank you.

Using eth_call with Infura follows exactly the Ethereum JSON-RPC spec as documented here:

In this specific case, the challenge is constructing the eth_call with all of the correct parameters and data so that when you issue the call, it successfully executes the method against the Withdraw contract for TheDAO. It’s been several years but you should be able to work through it following procedures outline such as here:

Good luck and I hope you are able to work through it.