How to run an infura node

Hello everyone,

I’m interested to provide computational power to the infura network, so I’m asking if it’s enough to run a geth client on the operating system, adding the correct network id (3 for ropsten) as well as the wallet address (command below), the “rpc address” and “rpc domain” or exist an additional requirement.

geth --datadir “./data/” --unlock 0x5xxxxx --mine --discover --networkid 3 --rpc --rpcaddr ‘’ --rpcport “8545” --rpccorsdomain “” --rpcapi=“admin,db,eth,debug,miner,net,shh,txpool,personal,web3” console 2>> ETH.log

I will appreciate the response.

Hello sfigueroa, welcome to our community!

It is not part of our service to allow external node operators to contribute compute resources to Infura. We fully support node operators who provide resources to Ethereum which is why we have supported the Vipnode project. I recommend you take a look at Vipnode and consider running your geth node in that manner.