How to use the new Project ID and Project Secret System?


I’m a little unsure what we’re required to do with the Project ID and Project Secret System.
What do I need to do to send a request signed with my project secret via HTTPS?
Is there a page in the documentation for this? A search bar in there would be great.

Is there a way to turn off authentication?


Had a read of this:

There is currently no requirement to use the Project Secret.

Does this still hold true?

Is there a page in the documentation that talks about using the project secret?

Couple of answers to this, first the project secret is not required for any requests, please make sure to keep it secret though.

We will be adding new functionality and documentation this week that will explain in more detail how to use the project secret.

Thanks for the feature suggestion, this is definitely on our backlog to add search to the docs. We also have the ability to cycle secrets in the backlog in case you accidentally expose it.