I create a small demo project, and surprised to see REQUESTS TODAY 191,529! All calls are eth_getBlockByNumber. How to fix it?

Hi, Dear InFura team

I am studying how to use Infura. I created a small project and deployed to Rinkeby TestNet. I deployed this truffle project in AWS and use Web3.js to call my smart contracts.

Today, I am surprised see REQUESTS TODAY is 191,529! The total 1 month call are 9 million! Almost all calls are eth_getBlockByNumber.

I think it is abnormal. do you know what the reason is?

After deploy the smart contract, I didn’t use it. why it has such a huge request record? how to fix this issue?

This demo project is simple, just myself used it, so, I am very surprised to see it generates 9 million infura call requests. It can get the real time current token balance of a Ethereum account , it is similar like a wallet application. I deploy this application in AWS s3. But I didn’t use it after I deployed it 1 month ago, why still generate such a huge requests?

Hi @david can you share the code generating the request so we can look at where you could make some optimizations.