Images and Videos very slow to load in Java Androld

I’m using your service to publish images and videos from my application, it works perfectly, but I’ve been feeling a slowness to load heavier images (which are not that heavy), something close to 5MB is already slow, mainly in the first load.

Searching about this, saw this link image in another infraestructure when i open, load fast


The observartion is: i loading my images with like something ( + ipfsImage)

when ipfsImage is the name in received after uploaded.

How can load this images more fast?


Hi @gabriel,

If you are using Infura IPFS to upload your files, then the best way to view them is by using the dedicated gateway feature.
For this you will need to enable your own Infura IPFS dedicated gateway from the general settings of your IPFS project. More details at the below link:

Once your dedicated gateway is enabled you can access IPFS content using a URL like the below one:

Where your-subdomain is the unique name you chose for your dedicated gateway and ipfsImage is the CID of the content you uploaded.



Thank you to show this way

Testing here, like so much more fast…


You are welcome. That’s great that it’s working faster.


definility working perfect


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