Incorrect miner / coinbase value on Rinkeby block headers

The miner / coinbase value returned for Rinkeby blocks is incorrect. It appears to be returning the clique mining beneficiary derived from the extra data, rather than the usual 0x00 value.

For example, on block 9170727, the value should be 0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000000 but is returned as 0x6635F83421Bf059cd8111f180f0727128685BaE4.

One downstream effect of this is that client side block hash calculations are incorrect. For block 9170727, the incorrect coinbase causes the hash to be calculated as 0x697f02fdcf9b9c325664cedc77343236859967e147c34549295124df5fcb8f83 instead of 0x83d3b0e90205b102f5c88a64e0cc16cae1e19cea4d0b447f9ec435f7066731cb.

See this Github issue for more information regarding the miner value for Rinkeby blocks.

This appears to be a bug introduced in Geth 1.10.8:

I’ve filed an issue in the Geth repo.

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Geth v1.10.9 contains the fix for this issue. Any timeline on when that might be released for the Rinkeby network?

Hi Dave, the current version running is Geth/v1.10.9

Hi Lily, the API is still reporting incorrect coinbase values. Block 9429487 has a coinbase of 0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000000 but is reported as 0xD6aE8250b8348C94847280928c79fb3b63cA453e.

@dave, sorry for the confusion it looks like we had a regression, we were running a patched version of 1.10.8 with the fix for the coinbase issue you indicated, but in our preparation for rolling out 1.10.9 the patch was accidentally rolled back. I apologize for the confusion.

The good news is that we’ve completed the update of rinkeby and goerli to 1.10.9 and will update the other networks to the latest release shortly as well.


I’m seeing the correct values being returned now. Thank you!