Increasing transaction rate for IPFS

Hi, I am trying to upload a few thousand files to IPFS.

I keep getting Too many requests error:
Response { size: 0, timeout: 0, [Symbol(Body internals)]: { body: [PassThrough], disturbed: true, error: null }, [Symbol(Response internals)]: { url: '', status: 429, statusText: 'Too Many Requests', headers: [Headers], counter: 0 } } }

I found a related post but I don’t think it provides an answer to my question (IPFS: error: status 429 Too Many Requests).

I’ve changed the upload command to do retries after timeout (controlling the rate). However, the allowed rate is still too slow for my application.
Would upgrading to a paid plan increase the allowed transaction rate for IPFS? The paid plans are supposed to increase transactions/day for the ETH network (does the per day quota affect the speed at any time?), not sure if it applies for the IPFS endpoints too (

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Hi @joelcastellon15 and welcome to the Infura community!

The issue was raised to our team and it appears that our IPFS gateway is hitting rate limits at this moment - they are dynamic depending on the number of requests and load.

Our team is working to provide a meaningful error message and suggestions for backoff slots between the uploads.

The only suggestion I can give right now is to try uploading the files with a timeout between them (try 30s - 1min).

The paid plan will not affect the rate for IPFS, unfortunately.