Information on team plan

Hi, we’re interested in purchasing the team plan - but would like more information on whether it caters to our needs. For example - does the team plan only allow 1 email account to be connected, or can 10 email accounts be connected to one account at a time? What payment methods do you accept? How frequently do you deduct the amount - last day of subscription month or first day? If we need to cancel the subscription - where can we do so? Thanks for your time :slight_smile:

Hey @vaishali.jain, and welcome to the Infura community! We assign accounts to one email address. Currently, we accept credit card payments for our Team Plan, and we charge on the first day of the subscription for the following month (i.e. your month will start on the day you sign up, not on the calendar month). If you have any account or billing questions (including cancellation), you can send an email to and we will get it taken care of for you!

You can find more information on our FAQ page under Pricing as well.