Infura do not send signed transaction to the ETH network

Hi all. I am trying to send erc20 tokens to eth adress using contract address and more other information . So in the result I am getting signed transaction and hash of trasnaction . but in the eth network there is not transaction

Hi @gasparyanyur can you provide more information about the specific transaction, the code you’re using to send the request and any response data you are receiving?

Here is my code

var transactionObject = {
            from: ownerAddress,
            to: contractAddress,
            gasLimit: web3.utils.toHex(3000000),
            data: encodedABI,
            value: value,
            chainId: chainId,

  web3.eth.accounts.signTransaction(transactionObject, privateKey, function (err, signed) {
            console.log("signTransaction err: " + err);
            console.log("signTransaction signed: " + signed.rawTransaction);
            web3.eth.sendSignedTransaction(signed.rawTransaction, function (err, res) {
                if (err == false) {
                    var queryUpdate = "update withdrawals set status='sent', amount= " + row.amount + " where id=" +
                    connection.query(queryUpdate, function (error, results, fields) {
                        if (error) {
                            throw error;
                        console.log('The solution is: ', results);
                console.log("sendSignedTransaction  res: " + res);

When I remove nonce its sending transaction but the second trasnaction gives an error
Error: Returned error: replacement transaction underpriced

Since this is a replacement transaction, it has to be sent with a higher gas price than the original transaction, here’s some good information on the topic,

What is likely happening is your first transactions is in the pool, but it’s not getting mined for some reason, possibly because the gas price is too low, if you can share the transaction hash of the original transaction we can look it up and see what might be happening.

It would appear you are also setting a gas limit, which might be too low, but not a gas price.

Let us know if this helps.

Here is the hash of transaction


and here is the transaction of second transaction


After sending trasnaction I got this hashes

Can you please share the signed raw transaction body? Are you still getting an underpriced error?

no , I am not getting an error… but there is not transaction in the network

very often my transactions disappear after I receive a hash without error

Can you please try manually sending the transaction via: and see if it propagates?