Infura limit metamask/custom identifier

Hi Infura,

Let’s say I use Coinbase wallet and Metamask wallet.

Metamask uses Infura by default behind the hood.

So what’s the transaction per second limitation by infura nodes that come with metamask or is there no limitation at all ? I am gonna have a NFT mint website where 10k transactions might appear so quickly, maybe in 10sec. So will all be okay ?

As for the coinbase, I had to add my own infura node identifier that I get per project on Infura website itself. Does the same principle(will 10k transaction work ? no limit per second)

Thanks a lot.

Hi @novaknole, the request per second limit is enforced per IP + method so with wallets it’s not necessary an issue since the requests come from different IPs. With coinbase (I assume it’s the sdk) you’ll hit the limit faster if the connection is done by the backend. In any case we can accommodate that burst of traffic but that he would need to coordinate the timing of that with us so feel free to open a support ticket and we’ll work it out.

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