Install infura instead of geth

Hi lovely people… My first time of installing eth node on Ubuntu 16.04 in digital Ocean server and discovered that *geth takes so long that i had to close the window.

I’m trying to set up an exchange. Can someone guide me how to use infura instead? Someone told me I should use infura but for a first time I am absolutely lost.

Note: i can install eth node but I have to skip the geth part.
Help me :worried:

Thank you for your interest. Infura is an API service that offers an alternative to running your own Ethereum node (whether that is geth, Parity, Pantheon, etc.)

There isn’t anything to install on your side to use Infura. You just need to create an account and generate a new Project from the Infura dashboard. From there, your custom Infura URL will be generated which you would use in your code to point at rather than pointing at a locally installed node.

So for example, in the code where you might point at http://localhost:8545, you would replace that URL with your Infura API URL.

Please take a look at our Documentation, it should help quite a bit: