IPFS content distribution

With private gateway only option, are the files created on Infura IPFS distributed to other public gateways? How does it work?

For example, I uploaded one file to my private gateway, if I try to fetch it from public gateway https://ipfs.io/ipfs/{cid} it will be fetched but it’s quite slow. After that, as expected, the content lives on that node. Same thing with https://cloudflare-ipfs.com/ipfs/{cid}, for example.

But if I run a local IPFS daemon node, I cannot fetch that file. How to tell it to have my private infura gateway as a peer?
This would be useful to publish IPNS keys use case, for example.

Hey @TKnoch,

Any time files are uploaded to our IPFS network the IPFS CIDs eventually propagate to other IPFS peers. As a default our IPFS peers are set to distribute IPFS CIDs to most default gateways (IPFS, Cloudflare, etc.) Your local IPFS node is mostly not peering with Infura IPFS services.

Depending on how your code/setup is configured it should be quite easy to directly hook up Infura as a peer.

Check out this easy to edit config file for your node: kubo/config.md at master · ipfs/kubo · GitHub

You can just edit the “peers” line of the config file:

Let me know if this helps.
Kind regards,
Alex | Infura Support