Ipfs endpoint restrictions on free account

I can’t find any info about this. The api doesn’t ask for any projectId related stuff so how does it work on volume, request, pinning anything ? I tried small file and it works(both pin/unpin) but not sure the meaning of it(whether it is really pinned as in ‘forever’)

Hey @gary , with our current IPFS product your pinning is ‘forever’, and we have very lenient volume of request restrictions so you shouldn’t run into any issues there. If you think you are running into issues, let me know here. But your file will be pinned in perpetuity.

thanks for the clarification, appreciate that as well as the generosity. I would use it responsibly

BTW, I encountered occasional gateway timeout(success after retry) and there seems to be size limitation, I can live with that as these form of service oriented architecture do have these form of ‘not everything is guaranteed always’ so fault tolerance needs to be built-in as part of the app, just as in ethereum(transaction failure when picked up even it is ok at the time of submission).