Ipfs pubsub support

Hello, I would like to know if the exposed ipfs node supports the experimental pubsub feature of IPFS.

Hi @alexander_weinmann we do not currently support IPFS pubsub.

It would be nice if you had it, though pubsub is labeled “experimental”. Why not set up and expose a second “experimental” IPFS node with such features? I am sure it would be great for many of your users …

We agree it’d be nice to support as it is an exciting feature. There is an expectation from our users of reliability and stability for any offering that we release even when we’ve said things are experimental or in beta (see our websocket functionality’s history). Historically, even if we say that this would be an experimental feature and comes with no guarantees, the reality is that it does increase the amount of resources and support required by our team and we want to make sure we can maintain a certain level of quality of service before adding it to our roadmap.

We could deploy a single instance of IPFS pub/sub, but that could quickly become overwhelmed and we would not have a plan for how to scale it or stabilize it other than telling people “Sorry, you have to wait until other people stop overwhelming it”. We’ll continue to follow IPFS pub-sub development and when we feel we have a plan for being able to adequately support it we’ll make sure to add it to a public roadmap so you and other interested users can track it’s progress.

Thanks! Great Response!