IPFS upload file in my ReactJs dapp

Please l need a help.

When l want upload file in my react dapp, l have a error in console.log

Error uploading file: HTTPError: project id required in the url

at Object.errorHandler [as handleError] (core.js?2ac9:104:1)
at async Client.fetch (http.js?8f3e:149:1)
at async addAll (add-all.js?3798:36:1)
at async last (index.js?015a:7:1)
at async Object.add (add.js?6e89:22:1)
at async onChange (create-nft.js?8222:22:21)

How can l solve this error.
Created account in infura and l am put my credit card credentials, and choosed Polygon mumbai testnet, but l still have error.

Hey there @Jtzm_danilo, welcome to the community.
Can you please share a relevant code snippet of how you are establishing the connection to Infura IPFS and a more detailed error log? Also Polygon Mumbai shouldn’t have anything to do with uploading a file to IPFS.

Also the below support tip, written by one of my colleagues, offers a great walkthrough on how to upload files on Infura IPFS using React.

Hope this helps!