IPFS v0.4.21 Update

We will be updating our IPFS endpoints to go-ipfs v0.4.21 on Thursday, June 6, 2019 at 9:00am Pacific. This release contains the following change:

CIDv1 multihashes now are by default encoded in base32, this will impact developers using the /api/v0/dag/put endpoint and (depending on arguments passed to API requests) may impact developers using the /api/v0/add and /api/v0/block/put endpoints. Developers using these API endpoints may need to update their code to expect the new base32 CIDv1 hashes.

More info at https://github.com/ipfs/go-ipfs/releases/tag/v0.4.21


Are there going to be also improvements to uptime and stability?

I’ve been having a really difficult experience uploading even small static websites to Infura’s IPFS endpoint for over a month now, and others using ipfs-deploy (which I maintain) also report frequent errors and timeouts.

Infura is the default deployment target for ipfs-deploy, and often people’s first contact with IPFS.

If there is anything I can do to help diagnose and prevent these errors I would be more than willing to assist.

Thanks for the response and reaching out, we expect this to be a more stable release and very much appreciate your offer to help diagnose the issues. After the update is complete it would be great to get you to test the issues you have been seeing and report back with details on the requests sent and responses received.

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I’m constantly getting a 502 Bad Gateway response. It used to be that if I retried a few times, it eventually went through, but now I just can’t seem to be able to upload at all.

Can you provide the code you’re using to generate your requests and the full error output you’re receiving?

I’m trying to post a link to the code and errors on github and I get a message from Discourse saying I can’t post a link to that host. Is there another channel I can talk to you in?

I resolved the issues in Discourse, recommend posting it as a new question in the questions section.

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Hey @agentofuser just wanted to say you’re doing awesome work on ipfs-deploy. We’re really sorry that you’re still having issues with the IPFS pins. This has turned out to be a really tricky bug to track down. We’re still working with our team to find the root cause but I can confirm that we are able to reproduce these errors now and are working to find a fix.