IPNS support in infura

From what I understand, with the closing of public IPFS gateways, Infura has no support for IPNS.
Is this correct?
Is there a plan to provide support for IPNS in a near future?

Using private IPFS gateway, is there some way of publishing those CIDs to IPNS?

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hey @TKnoch, correct, no support for IPNS, it is on the roadmap but we don’t have an ETA yet. It’ll probably consist of just adding support for accessing IPNS content.
Publishing is something very challenging for us (and any provider for that matter) because it requires storing user’s private keys and that’s not necessary a direction we want to follow (maybe accepting pre-signed IPNS records and publish them but I’m not sure how strong is the general requirement for this use case). For now I suggest using your own IPFS node if you need to publish IPNS content.

@traian.vila thanks for this clarification - is there already an update if IPNS is already scheduled to be available soon?

Hey, still in plan but not much progress done yet on this topic.