Is Endpoint resetting to mainnet expected?

Dear Community,

This may be expected although I’m not quite sure why and would like to have further feedback to have a better understanding and aid other community members if they happen to have the same doubt. I am noob to Ethereum and Infura, so question might be silly.

Use FF 68.0.1 (64-bit)
New Project > View Project > Keys Endpoint > Rinkeby > Save Changes
Go to dashboard and view project once again, Keys Endpoint will show Mainnet instead of Rinkeby which was previously selected and saved.

Is this expected? , Why?

Blockgeeks videos: Basically learning here as a start point and the video does show Rinkeby as a fixed endpoint at minute 6:22. Videos might be a bit outdated but I would not have expected much to change:
Blockgeek Lesson

Infura docs: Checked the following link InfuraDoc


Thank you for your detailed description. I am not familiar with the Blockgeeks tutorial and don’t have a subscription to it to view the video.

I can clarify though how the keys work. The project ID and project Secret that are created when creating a new project are available to use against whichever network you’d like to hit for that project. For example if the project ID for the project were “12345”, both of these URLs would work just fine:

Hope this helps!