Kind of ethereum endpoint?

1 Is infura free ethereum endpoint fully supports EIP-1898 ?
2. What kind of ethereum Archival node(Archival Trace node or simple Archival Node or even Full node) services an ethereum endpoint ?

Hey, @naim.s, I noticed this was already answered on Infura Discord and I will share it here as well:

  1. if you are referring to the methods specified here EIP-1898: Add `blockHash` to JSON-RPC methods which accept a default block parameter. accepting a block hash as a parameter, I think it works, although our documentation eth_getBalance - Infura Docs specifies that a hexa block number should be used. I tested eth_getBalance both with the block number and its hash as a parameter and the result was the same.

  2. you can find some great info on how to use archive data on Infura by going over this article on our blog Infura Blog | Tutorials, Case Studies, News, Feature Announcements