LivePeer - Project URL

I am setting up a livepeer orchestrator. The directions ask to enter my infura project’s URL:

“livepeer -network mainnet -orchestrator -transcoder -ethUrl <your_infura_url> -pricePerUnit 1 -serviceAddr :8935”

Is it the https ENDPOINT?
Where can I find this?

Hi @vfx42, and welcome to the Infura community!
You can find your URL by going to your Dashboard, clicking on the Ethereum logo on the left orange sidebar (just under the Infura logo), clicking on your project, and selecting “Settings” from the top menu bar (options are: REQUESTS TRANSACTIONS SETTINGS). Once you’re in your settings, you will see your KEYS, which includes your project URL (also referred to as its “endpoint”). Just remember to select the correct network you’re working with! :slight_smile: