Maximum storage provided by infura

Hello, I am using infura ipfs daemon and storing the file on the infura. And also after the file storage, there is no increment in my local storage. How much infura offers, like the storage limit as infura ipfs does’nt use any api key which could monitor my usage.

Hi @SARVESH_DUBEY we currently have a single file upload limit of 100mb. We are working on our first IPFS premium product release for this year which will include better structure to our users’ IPFS usage. Can you let us know what specifically you are looking to have?

This means unlimited storage under cap of 100 mb at a time

We’ve offered free and unlimited IPFS access as essentially a testing/beta feature of Infura in the past, with a limited subset of the IPFS API, and will release a widely improved product, with a greater subset/ of the IPFS API, utilizing API keys, and functionality that goes beyond just storage on IPFS.