Missing Trie Node

Hi Infura Community,

I’m trying to query for historical data (have archival data access) and I continue to receive Nethereum.JsonRpc.Client.RpcResponseException : missing trie node 929ee59e53b12fb9a7d6b83cbdff55ce624b288ac3fb205b732c21e286178d63 (path ). I opened a support ticket, but hoping someone can shed some light on this?

I haven’t changed any code on my end and the queries have worked fine for a few months now.

Any ideas?


Seems to be working now… maybe someone restarted something? Was happening for at least 2-3 hours

Hi @Firebun - welcome to the Infura community! Glad to hear the issue resolved itself. If it happens again, please feel free to reach out!

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hi @Leiya_Kenney I am also facing the same issue
missing trie node ac32572ea86e43e5105d2dccb617b2315ce3cda0030d33382f9c7b011dff9aa9 (path )
this is the exact error that I am getting.

When running into this issue, please include the entire query sent to Infura when the error occurred.

Note that at the moment we do not support EIP-1898 style access to Archive data, you must currently specify the block by block number when accessing archive data. We are actively working on adding archive indexing by block hash and hope to have it available soon but cannot give an exact planned release date yet.