Missing Trie Node

Hi Infura Community,

I’m trying to query for historical data (have archival data access) and I continue to receive Nethereum.JsonRpc.Client.RpcResponseException : missing trie node 929ee59e53b12fb9a7d6b83cbdff55ce624b288ac3fb205b732c21e286178d63 (path ). I opened a support ticket, but hoping someone can shed some light on this?

I haven’t changed any code on my end and the queries have worked fine for a few months now.

Any ideas?


Seems to be working now… maybe someone restarted something? Was happening for at least 2-3 hours

Hi @Firebun - welcome to the Infura community! Glad to hear the issue resolved itself. If it happens again, please feel free to reach out!

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