No filter on pending transaction subscriptions


There is no possibility to filter on a pending subscription transaction. I don’t want all pending transactions only ones sent to a specific address.

additionally from your documenttion: newPendingTransactions - Returns the hash for all transactions that are added to the pending state and are signed with a key that is available in the node. When a transaction that was previously part of the canonical chain isn’t part of the new canonical chain after a reogranization its again emitted."

I want all pendingTransactions sent to a specific address, wether or not that were signed with a key available in the node.

Hope this makes sense.

Hi @prographo this is not functionality that the nodes provide by default. We have an item on our backlog to provide this functionality though and will keep you updated as the development progresses. We appreciate the feedback and request.

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Hey Mike! Is this functionality provided now?

Not yet, we will definitely let you know once it is available. Is your use case similar as the above?

Yes exactly the same.

Is this ava now ? I really need this functionality

I try to do the same thing.
I don’t need to track all pending transaction, but only all pending transactions to a specific address.
I already tried to subscribe to newPendingTransaction et getTransaction on all hash received, but I’m exploding the infura rate limit in 30s.
So what is the best way to achieve this, any advice ?
Thank you for your help.

Hi @infura - welcome to the community! We don’t currently support that functionality (filtering pendingTransactions to only one specific address) but will give an update once it’s available.

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Hi @Leiya_Kenney , I have a feeling a lot are asking for the ability to add in to the WSS pending transaction subscription a kind of filtering on the addresses that are generating the pending transaction or the destination address of the pending transaction. Any possibility of giving us a timeline on when can we expect this feature to rollout?

We don’t have a timeline set in stone yet, but we’ll be sure to update the community when we do!

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Just adding my request here. Same use case as above. Any updates on this functionality? I don’t see any details, but it does look like Alchemy added this feature back in June of last year…

Hey, we’re planning to expose the pendingTransactions view through a different stream but don’t have an exact ETA yet.