Paid IPFS support progress?

Hi, just wondering if there is any news on a paid IPFS pinning service from Infura.

I believe I have read about in the past but not sure if its ready for prime time.

The main reasons I ask as we keep getting repeated reports of failed Infura IPFS uploads, intermittent and hard to pin down why in all honesty?

Possibly timeouts like this Timing out when adding data to IPFS node or even some form of network issues between the client and Infura.

Just wondering if there is any plans for a paid service which will provide a SLA style agreement?

Any info would be great.



Hi @jamesmorgan we are still working on the initial release of our IPFS premium service, we are hoping to discuss timelines soon, but there is still some experimental engineering underway to make it ready for release.

Are you able to provide more detail on the issues you are having and the rate of recurrence?

Thanks for your patience and for helping us test the early version of this service.