Path problem with infura

Hi there,
i have a small Problem and i don’t know how to solve it. i uploaded two small files to ipfs. if i use the infura gateway, i can open the index.html, but i can’t reach the linked index2.html because of a false path. link1:
if i use the cloudflare gateway, it works
can you help me? :smiley: - Kurt

Hi @Kurt, welcome to our community and thanks for sharing this. We have looked closer and have identified this as an issue with trailing slashes in URLs handled by our endpoint. The link to index2.html does work if that trailing slash is added.

Compare this:
to this:

We are looking to address this on our end so stay tuned for a fix that will handle this issue in the future.


Nice, thanks for your reply.

I thought I’ve tried it with an extra slash.
Thank your for the quick support :heart:

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