Pending transactions details

I`m using eth_subscribe method to get newPendingTransactions.
But what about achieving considering pending transaction detail info,
like it displayed on etherscan?
Also, as I know, web3 examples proposing detail pending transaction info,
like in this source 1
P.S. Actually, if I’m calling getTransaction(tx_hash) for pending transaction as tx_hash now it returns an empty results.

Hey @freeearth768, and welcome to the Infura community! The end of this thread should give you some insight on how to best get your pending transaction details.

Hello, Leiya:)

Thanks you for advice.
Actually, in a pointed thread, they provide
only the ways to wait till transaction will be mined,
and then, get it details.

Probably, I need to parse an etherscan page (with a pending transaction) to get such info.

To clarify it`s better, I attaching

an example of such transaction.