Price of IPFS add service

Following the example from:
I tried adding a file using the API
I see it does not require an API key.
Are you hosting the file for free? forever? is it 100% reliable?
Are there any rate limits for adding content?

Otherwise, what is the price of the service and how to insert the API key in the POST query?

Hi @dportabella - yes, the file is hosted for free via IPFS. We are targeting release of a paid premium service later this year with additional capabilities, so keep your eye out for that!

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Hi @Leiya_Kenney. Is the premium service ready?
even if in dev/testing mode?

Not yet. Keep an eye out on and our twitter page - both those places will have an announcement as soon as that premium service is ready. There will also likely be a post on the community board as well!

Hey @Leiya_Kenney! Have the same question - I’ve been pinning IPFS data to Infura for a few months, and want to make sure my files won’t suddenly disappear. Has the paid service rolled out? If so, can you point me of how to pay for pinning?

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Hi, im also heavily relying on your ipfs gateway for pinning important files, therefore im interested about updates regarding the upcoming premium service :slight_smile: Any ETA / details?

Hey @Schwartz10 and @Christophe_Verdot - the paid service hasn’t officially rolled out, but will be rolling out VERY soon! We’ll have an announcement on the community, and will announce it in our newsletter. I’ll also update this thread when it’s officially rolled out with the resources available!

Hi, how many free calls can i actually do to this Aipfs/add PI after the rolling out, there will be a freemium model? Thanks :v:

Hey @Daniel_Galvan - we will put all those details in our updated blog post and our official release! I’ll be sure to update this thread when that happens :slight_smile:

Does the current IPFS service require an API key, authorization etc.?
We could be able to use it without, but is it reliable?
Can we use it on production, is there any chance that files suddenly disappear?

Hi @profesor, and welcome to the Infura community! Our current IPFS service pins files indefinitely so they won’t suddenly disappear, and you do not need authorization. If you’d like to see a step-by-step tutorial on uploading a file, check out this tutorial.