Pricing for overages?

Where can i find pricing details about overages?

Hi @Ivo_Crnkovic-Rubsame. What sort of overages are you inquiring about? Which current pricing tier are you on?

Im on the pricing tier with 1m daily requests. I want to know how much i will get charged if i use say 1.2m requests in a day.

Hi @Ivo_Crnkovic-Rubsame we do not currently utilize automatic billing for overage fees. Our account management team will reach out if we see regular usage over your accounts limit. You will not see any degradation of service.

Hi Mike,
Is that also true of the free tier? I.e. if I exceed 100,000 requests in a day, will any fail, or will I be contacted to arrange an upgrade?

Hi @Ben, we highly recommend upgrading your Core account if you are using more than 100,000 requests per day. You are likely to see limitations to your account if you exceed the 100,000 requests. We are adding documentation shortly that describes the limitations you will see and any limits enforced today will be clearly described in the API response.

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