Probleme to Upload ipfs file in next.js application .(next.config.js)

Hello everyone, sorry to bother you, I would like to explain a problem to you because after days of research I can’t find anything.
Could you please help me?
I encounter the following problem , after deploying my next.js application on my server.
So in conditions where the site is well hosted.
When I upload an image it does not upload.
For me the problem comes from my next.config.js file, it is necessary to choose a domain for the nfts upload…
The domain address works well when I am locally but in deployment it does not work…
Could you tell me what to look for or what to put in place of the domain I am using actualy please.
i’m use this on my file next.config.js

module.exports = {
reactStrictMode: true,
images: {
domains: [‘’],

And i have this error in my webrowser console :
error uploading file typeerror le is not a function

Hi :wave: @guillaumebevis97100 and welcome to the Infura community!

If this is exactly the error you got, I would suggest looking into where is le being called as a function.
Also, what do you use to deploy your next.js app? Are there any modules needed to be provided for the successful running of the application live?

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Hello ,
thank you for taking the time to answer my problem.
I deploy my application on netlify.
I’m a bit new to this type of deployment, the features seem to launch when I click on them, I’ll still check if there’s a plugin or library missing that should help me view my content and I’ll get back to you .
Concerning the function “the” the concern is that to my knowledge I have not deployed a function of this name, so I do not know where to find it, despite the lines indicating it… Because in the page which deploys the function it is not indicated. Hence the mention of anonymous in the error message!