Project ID does not have access to polygon l2

I can’t access polygon network.

Hi @harsh-98, and welcome to the Infura community! Did you activate Polygon for your account? If not, you can add that on here.


The price of Polygon PoS is $0, must I add card info to activate it?

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Hi @Gordon, and welcome to the Infura community!
Yes, you do need to add a card to your account to activate the Polygon PoS, but we will be sure to let our users know when the free trial is ending so you have the opportunity to reassess your needs then.


This solved the problem for me! Thanks!

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Please tell me.
Do I need to register for polygon’s testnet (mumbai)?

Hello @ryo_i
Please see @Leiya_Kenney’s post above regarding how to enable the add ons for Polygon.
Once enabled, you can access both mainnet and Mumbai endpoints.

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