Question regarding IPFS+


I just saw today that the new IPFS services is already available, after reading everything i still have some questions please.

I run a project that is already pinning files (around 15 000) on your gateway since a couple of years, what will happen to these files and when exactly? Will they be unpinned unless we migrate everything? After how long?

When will the current publicly open pinning endpoint stop accepting pin request?
So we know how long we have to update everything.

Is there any tool to migrate pinned files already for those that don’t run an IPFS node and just used previous infura pinning service?

Thank you in advance.

Hi @Christophe_Verdot,

When we deprecate our old IPFS service, yes, those old files ill be unpinned and deleted. We don’t have a set date yet, but we will be sure to give our community lots of time to get things migrated over to our new service (but as a rough timeline, you have months before that happens at this point).

We do have a tool to migrate existing IPFS files over to our new service! You can check out the tutorial for that here.