Rate limiting users on infura?

I have put my infura link on my frontend.

In total, this infura link is allowed 100k requests per day.

How do i stop a user from hammering the link and using all 100k requests?

I cannot hide the url or use a project secret because the url is on the frontend.

Hi @Dylan_Kerler - welcome to the Infura community!

I believe this was answered via the Ethereum StackExchange, but you are able to set various restrictions like key encryption, contract address for the node to interact with, setting request totals, allowed origins/user agents, and allowed methods. You can find more information about all of these in your project dashboard.

So it means that i shouldnt use the infura link on the frontend then? its bad practice to do that?

If you’re looking for more security, it’s better to keep your Project ID in a .env file or something similar. However, we do have plenty of suggestions for you to increase your project security settings in our docs here.