Regarding accessing of data


I have developed a dapp using infura api. After getting hash of the file, If i am sharing this hash publicly my file is accessible to anyone. I want to provide access of file to only particular group. Means if someone out of group try to access it then it should not be possible for him.

Please suggest me how can i implement such type of system.

Waiting for your response.


Hi @Poorvi,

The IPFS API does not provide access control of the type you are describing. If you wanted to limit access to content to a specific group you would need to encrypt the content first before storing it and then only share decryption credentials with the group that should have access to it. There are potentially other ways of implementing this or other access systems but the path you decide to take really needs to be informed by your project goals. Good luck, please share an update with us on your progress!

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