Regarding Ropsten api

Hi All,
I have been using to commit my transactions on to ethereum blockchain .But now after committing from nodejs when i go to this rospten.etherscan i am getting error message as "500 unexpected error ". As per the new documentation ,i have replaced accesstoken with projectid ie
but still getting same error Can anyone of you help me to figure out the issue because my application deadline is very nearby and this infura updation is unexpected.

Can you provide the full error response and a code snippet for how you’re hitting that url?

I have a very similar problem. Just attempting to do a simple curl<PROJECT-ID> returns a 404 error. Previously I could use the API key, but now with the project-ID my application isn’t wokring anymore.

Can you provide the full curl request you are attempting and can you confirm that you are using a projectID generated in the dashboard?