Rinkeby transaction doesn't get mined and propagated

This problem is not exclusive to Infura, but I’m out of luck fixing it. Hopefully some here has an idea how to solve the problem.

I create a transaction for the Rinkeby test network (also same problem on Goerli) and send it to the Infura node. The node accepts the transaction. It can be found via getTransactionByHash. It can’t be found on Etherscan. If I submit it directly to Etherscan it will be found.
It seems the transaction isn’t propagated through the network and it’s pending forever and won’t get mined.

Here is a serialised transaction as an example:

Is there a way to create transactions that will be accepted by nodes but are invalid in another way so they won’t get propagated and mined?

Hey @Strernd, and welcome to the Infura community!

You can still get a hash from getTransactionByHash even if it hasn’t been mined, so that’s not necessarily the best way to determine if your transactions are going through, so the transaction may actually not have been mined at that time. If you’re running into this, you may want to put in a slight delay between sending it to the node and calling another method on it to allow time for the txn to get mined.