Sending tokens using sendRawTransaction

Can I use sendRawTransaction function to send tokens (for example USDT)? If so, what is the difference from sending ETH using this function?

Yes, you can use sendRawTransaction to send tokens. This thread has some good examples of how to send erc20 tokens.

This site gives an in-depth explanation between tokens and coins and which is better to use when.

I don’t see an example of use sendRawTransaction in the links provided. There is only a web3py package, but this is not what I would like to see …

This thread has an example of using sendRawTransaction with web3.Js if that’s closer to what you’re looking for.

I am using PHP language and the standard API sendRawTransaction I cannot use the web3.Js package.
Perhaps there is some example (or description) of working with a standard API function sendRawTransaction for erc20 tokens?

Hi @YMCHANGE - I’m not too familiar with PHP, but it looks like there may be a couple of PHP libraries that allow you to interact with Ethereum, found on this chain. I’d suggest giving those libraries a try.