sendSignedTransaction returns the same tx hash at every call!

I’m using web3js, latest available at today.

I’m calling

 .once("transactionHash", function(hash) {
          console.log("tx_hash:", hash);
          out_tx_hash = hash;

I noticed ONLY TODAY that return hash IS THE SAME at EVERY call !

I was using to save tx hash in my db to link to etherscan

Now every call returns


But I have in db a LONG LIST of previous calls and results saved and I am sure the code was returing the right transaction hash.

What is this tx_hash? Why is fixed? How can now get the right tx hash?


I dumped the result of previous call, and I discovered that the problem is instead related to the following code

const signed_tx = await web3.eth.accounts.signTransaction(

When I dump signed_tx, It has EVERY TIME the same transactionHash

What damn is happening ?!

My code is not changed since one month.

Hi @realtebo it’s possible you are submitting the same transaction over and over. Can you inspect tx_data_to_sign to make sure each transaction you sent has a different nonce set?