Signer Address and Chain Provider address clarification

Hey all, first post here and looking for some hopefully quick guidance.

I’m setting up a UniSwap flash swap contract via a GitHub repo and I need to fill in some .env variables to get it running:




I understand that I need to create an Infura project and use the mainet or rinkeby url for either of the CHAIN_PROVIDER_ variables.

But for SIGNER_ADDRESS_ I’m questioning what should be put in there. It looks like what ever account I use is being used to set up the forked chain - the chain does start but when I try to run a test it says I have a zero balance (which is true). When the chain starts it gives me 10 accounts all with 100ETH balance. If I use one of these accounts in the SIGNER_ADDRESS_ variable, and then run the test, it does seems to execute more but I ultimately end up with a UniSwapV2 revert: LOCKED error.

I’m thinking my error lies in the way I’m using one address to start the chain and then another to run the test?

Hi @travelerr, and welcome to the Infura community!

It looks like this is a known issue (UniSwap covers it here if you search “locked”) - sounds like the current temporary fix is simply to restart the local fork.

Hope this helps!