Stkr Eth2 Beacon node questions

I was referred to Infura by, which advises to create a beacon node on Infura for use with Stkr Eth2 staking as a Stkr “provider”.

Reviewing the docs on, I’m not seeing details of system requirements/node configuration for use with Stkr. Questions:

  1. Is a separate node required, for which Infura provides the API, or is the Infura project by itself sufficient for the Beacon node?
  2. I see a lot of validator commands; my understanding is the validator operates automatically, and my job as a validator owner is simply to make sure it keeps running. Is this correct, or does validation require manual tasks?
  3. If #2 is correct, and the answer to #1 is there is no additional hardware/virtual instance that is required to run a beacon node on Infura, how can I make sure the node is running, and is it still a free service? This doesn’t sound correct, as in the background some resources will be required to make the validation happen.

Hi @ssirag!

Infura offers an ETH 2 Beacon Node API, it is currently in private beta. You can register your interest here:

It works very similarly to our traditional ETH 1 API. You will simply create a project which will give you a beacon node endpoint with credentials. You would then provide this endpoint to your validator, which as you mentioned, you would then need to continue to run yourself.

In the private beta the API is free and rate-limited, but generally is sufficient for a validator. This will be subject to change as the product evolves.

Let me know if you have any other questions.