Storing and Retrieving Tabular Data on IPFS?

As the question say, how do you store, retrieve, and update tabular data on IPFS with Infura?

I can store CSV files via the UI and retrieve it via HTTP request but I’m puzzled on how you’d store store it using Infura and how to retrieve it.

Hi @Keon6, welcome!

I take it that you store a CSV file via the “Upload Content” function, and retrieve it using a dedicated gateway and HTTP?

Can you provide some more details about “store it using Infura”?

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I want to be able to send over real-time inputs as rows in the tabular data and keep updating it asynchronously.

Hi @Keon6, thanks, I understand now.

One thing to note is that IPFS is about storing immutable data. If the data changes then the hash (or the CID) that refers to the data also changes. So, it’s important to make clear - are you talking about updating (mutating already uploaded data) the data, or just appending to it? There are fairly advanced methods to handle both these cases (I think, I’m not a deep IPFS expert).

One way to look at the appending problem is to learn more about “chunking” of data. I can imagine a chunker that can append data but I think it would take quite some time to learn enough about IPFS to make it work.

The updating existing data is even harder IMHO.

I could be wrong on these points - someone can chime in.

I wonder what is the need you are trying to satisfy with IPFS. It sounds like an unusual one.

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Thank you!

I’m just talking about appending data.

Realistically, if I just used some relational database that’d be easier but trying to fully leverage IPFS CID because it actually plays an important role in my use case.