The query times of eth_getBlockByNumber is so high

Hi, I have been build one management system that connect with Infura api to help me to do some translation in the ethereum.
But when I check the stats in the Infura dashboard, I notice that query times of eth_getBlockByNumber in every hour that is very high.
There have 3000~10000 times eth_getBlockByNumber querys in every hour, but I didn’t use this my management system for a long time.
Should have no query if I don’t call Infura api?
Does anyone can help me to figure out the problem?

You should not be seeing any stats in the dashboard for usage if there aren’t any requests being made using your project ID. Is it possible that your project ID is being used by someone else? If you want to send a direct message and share your project ID, we can try to look closer into it.

Hi Wuehler
Thank you for your reply.
I found the reason.
There have one script that running on the crontab.
The query time will become 0 when I turn off the script in the crontab.

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