Transactions are not displayed

I use Ropsten testnet and wallets registered with Metamask. I am trying to send signed transactions through eth_sendRawTransaction Infure returns the hash of the transaction to me and after a few hours on the dashboard I see the appearance of using this method. But when I check my test wallets and also want to view transactions at then there is nothing. I’m using Ropsten testnet protocol Maybe someone came across such a problem and knows its solution?

Hi @Stas - welcome to the Infura community!
Can you send over your code so we can help you figure out a solution? Thanks!

    $web3 = new \Web3\Web3('');
    $eth = $web3->eth;
    $nonce    = '04';
    $gasPrice = '0x9184e72a001';
    $gasLimit = '0x76c0';
    $to       = '0x5967D064fe61741ADB48abbD49e348782f375226';
    $value    = \Web3\Utils::toHex(2, true)/*'0x011'*/;
    $privateKey = 'private key';
    $transaction = new \kornrunner\Ethereum\Transaction ($nonce, $gasPrice, $gasLimit, $to, $value);
    $rawTransaction = $transaction->getRaw($privateKey);
    $eth->sendRawTransaction('0x'.$rawTransaction, function ($err, $transaction) {
        if ($err !== null) {
            echo $err;
        echo $transaction;

In $ transaction, I see the hash that Infura returns to me, everything is fine. But when I try to check it through ropsten or through your getTransactionByHash or getTransactionCount methods, then there are no such transactions. I do not check right away, but after a while, which is enough for them to appear on your dashboard.

Have you tried using one of the other networks instead of Ropsten?

When I try to transfer directly from the Metamask wallet through their interface, everything happens fine and the ropsten displays everything.

To better help us debug, can you provide us with either the raw transaction you’re using?

In addition, you may want to double check the nonce you’re using, as 04 may be a future nonce, meaning the node isn’t receiving the next sequential nonce it needs, and the transaction with the future nonce will eventually get dropped. Without having the raw transaction information, we can’t help you check that, but it may be a good place to start.